Antelope Valley Wedding Photography: Jon & Lucee

I am sure that Jon and Lucee never imagined that they would have to go all the way to Japan to meet one another but that is exactly how it happened. Lucee met Jon while on vacation in Okinawa, Japan! Jon was stationed in Okinawa and while he was there he often volunteered at the church where Lucee’s Brother-in-law pastored. Jon and Lucee met while helping out with church camp. They officially began dating in August of 2008 and kept in close touch after Lucee went back home to California. Jon was soon sent to Camp Pendleton in San Diego, California and on May 30th he proposed to Lucee after a lovely meal at the Odyssey in Granada Hills, California.

Congrats Lucee and Jon!

2009-10-31 at 00-36-58

Gotta love the smile on the girl to the left!

The flower girls and ring bearer are siblings. Big brother was kind enough to hold his sisters’ hands although he was a little reluctant at first. 🙂 Typical brother.

2009-10-31 at 01-04-03

2009-10-31 at 01-06-42

2009-10-31 at 01-08-37

The gals and their flowers from Fashion Flowers.

2009-10-31 at 01-15-28

This was just after they said their vows. So happy!

2009-10-31 at 02-44-21

Kiss Kiss Kiss

2009-10-31 at 03-18-40

2009-10-31 at 04-19-09

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A few of my favorite wedding photos!

Just got off the phone with a friend after discussing wedding photography and all the details of starting a business. I was reminded of how awesome it is to capture a couple’s wedding day and how much I love it! While there is stress and pressure on the big day it so pays off when I get home and download the images! So here I am thinking about how much I love it as I am browsing through some wedding photos and thought I’d post some of my favs!

Such a pretty flower girl!




This is from a wedding last year. Their first anniversary is coming up soon. Happy early anniversary Jon & Kristi!



I love the bride being out of focus here with the water in focus.




Daddy getting ready to walk his oldest daughter down the isle to be married.


Dave & Britt were such a sweet couple to shoot. They were absolutely head over heals for one another! Brittany’s Dad went home to be with the Lord in 2006. Her Dad was an organ donor and she was able to receive part of his knee latter that year when she had to have knee surgery. In a very special way Brittany still got to have her daddy walk her down the isle!



I love the moment just before the kiss!




Sparklers are one of my favorite endings to a wedding. They are so pretty and the Bride and Groom look awesome running through them.


He was a shy little ring bearer but that just made him look more cute 🙂


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Smithfield, Virginia Wedding Photography: Lily & Jared

After leading her new love on a scavenger hunt to claim his prize he was surprised to find a beautiful woman waiting for him at the end, Lily. She loved him and wanted to let him know that she was ready for a serious relationship. It was such a cute idea and I know Jared was stoked about his prize! A few months later they were engaged!

The wedding day was absolutely beautiful! The flowers arrived from Simply Connie and the girls enjoyed the afternoon getting ready with the ladies from Beyond Beauty as the ceremony quickly approached. Today was the day that Lily and Jared would enter into their life together as husband and wife. Today was the day they would say their vows to one another and before their almighty God. Lily was smiling ear to ear as she started down the isle to meet her groom. It was evident on their faces that the moment they had both been waiting for was finally here.

The dinner reception was held at the beautiful Smithfield Center. Lily and Jared enjoyed mingling and having a good time throughout the evening and then off they went for their Honey Moon in Jamaica.

Lily and Jared we are so excited and happy for you guys!

I think this might be my fav from the wedding. They were naturals at this dipping business. I absolutely love their facial expressions here.

2009-09-06 at 18-32-31

Makin’ some adjustments. Love this in black and white.

2009-09-06 at 16-33-50

This one was taken by the ever so talented Eric Hayes. Love the light in this photo.

2009-09-06 at 18-08-22

The boys rough housing. What they do best. We did a few shots like this and the higher Jared went the funnier it was.

2009-09-06 at 18-16-54

2009-09-06 at 18-28-47

2009-09-06 at 18-23-35

2009-09-06 at 18-31-10

Dickerson/Harvey Wedding in Lancaster, CA

A few months ago I shot a wedding in Lancaster, California of a young military couple. As I walked around the building and observed everyone doing their part in preparing for the wedding it was so fun to listen to the giddy girls as they moved plants around the auditorium at the last minute. The cake was in place, the flowers had arrived and now time for the dress to be put on. As mother tickled and poked to make her daughter laugh the beautiful dress was now on looking good! The couple saw one another for the first time in the auditorium before the ceremony and what a sweet moment it was. She walked down the isle eying her man in his dress blues then stepped up on the platform and told him to turn around. All he could do grin ear to ear. What a beautiful couple and a beautiful day it was for their wedding!

Got to hand it to this big brother even though I think this hug only lasted a whopping 2 seconds. 🙂 2009-05-09 at 12-06-49

The happy couple being oh so cute! 2009-05-09 at 12-15-24

The moment just before the kiss, one of my favs! 2009-05-09 at 12-25-33

2009-05-09 at 12-33-06

The beautiful bride and her flowers from Fashion Flowers in Lancaster, CA. I always enjoy working with Linda at Fashion Flowers. She does a beautiful job! 2009-05-09 at 14-05-15

And they’re off!  Congrats to the new Mr. and Mrs. Harvey!! 2009-05-09 at 14-07-19