Reese is One: Mermaid Birthday

Get ready to see the cutest little mermaid you ever did see! Oh my goodness! The cuteness is just too much! My husband and I met Drew and Emily through our church three or four years ago now and have become good friends with them. I remember when Emily announced to our small group that she was pregnant and it seems as if time has flow by. I feel like it was only recently that I was photographing Reese’s newborn session but it’s been an entire year and she just keeps getting more cute as the days go by. Now Reese is ONE! I can’t believe it! Such a cutie pie! I love watching little ones grow and seeing how they change and starting showing their character.  Happy One Year Reesey!!

Mermaid Crochet Outfit from Mother & Baby Boobtique


Birthday Photos at the Park: Camden is 1yr!

Enjoyed time at the park with Camden Mordh and photographing him for his first birthday. It was so fun to photograph this cute little guy!  His mommy Danielle and Aunt Kristi did lots clapping, singing and noise making so we could get some good smiles. We had to scare some 10yr old boys out of the baby swing but as soon as they were gone we put Camden right in. I think the swing was his favorite part of the day! He loved going high like the big boys do. Well maybe not like some big boys but he was having a blast.  Happy first birthday to Camden!!

The picture on the left below is of Camden when he was just a week or so old. They grow so fast!

Here is another one of Camden’s feet at just a week or so old.

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TLC’s Fabulous Cakes: Nadia Cakes

Abby, the owner of Nadia Cakes in Palmdale, California called me up back in May and asked if I could come shoot her fabulous pillow cake just before the big reveal of the cake which she made to be shown on TLC’s Fabulous Cakes show. Of course I was super excited as I always am to shoot Abby’s awesome creations! She revealed the cake as a gift for a young lady at her 16th birthday party.

It was so much fun watching the film crew do their thing and I was even more excited when the TLC film crew asked if they could use my images for the episode! After all TLC is like my favorite channel ever! Isn’t it every girls favorite channel??

I know being on the show has meant a lot to Abby, Carlos and the team at Nadia Cakes. Congrats to you guys on creating a fabulous cake and building a great business in such a short time. You’re cakes, cupcakes and treats look and taste absolutely fabulous!

Here are a few photos from the day of the reveal. After your are done looking at the photos and drooling, go buy a cake or some cupcakes at Nadia Cakes in Palmdale!

Click photos to enlarge.

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Anytime Session: Remi is 1 Year Old!

I met first met Remi and her parents last week when I went to their home to take pictures of Remi for her first birthday. What a cutie pie and such a sweet family! Like most girls who love chocolate, Remi had no problem chowing down on her chocolate cupcake from Nadia Cakes. One of Remi’s favorite characters is Chica from the Sprout PBS channel and it was so cute to watch her hug and love on her custom made stuffed toy of Chica made by Viola Studio on  Happy Birthday to Remi!

Click images to enlarge.

chica plush doll You can get this Chica toy from Viola Studio on Etsy.

Now that’s what I call a good first birthday cake!! Remi’s cake was custom made by Nadia Cakes with all her favorite characters.

chica cake

Look at that fur on Elmo. Amazing!!

Remi’s bedroom was absolutely darling!

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