Santa Clarita Engagement: Adriana & Aaron

So excited to share Adriana & Aaron’s Santa Clarita engagement session on the blog tonight!

I had a great time with these two exploring the Placerita Canyon area and then off to the gorgeous pepper trees. Check out Adriana’s dress! GORGEOUS! I loved the black sheer layers, such a great dress for an engagement session! Totally matches Adriana’s love for all things Disney, it was a pretty magical dress.

These two are so easy going, but I feel like I say that a lot so probably most of my couples are. Hey, I’m down for that! Makes for a fun time during the session when they’ll go anywhere and do just about anything. Well, I am sure they would have drawn the line at some point. Maybe if I would have asked them to have a mud war or something. That actually sounds like a fun idea!Any takers? Maybe for the end of an engagement session though and somewhere with a bathroom or lake nearby. lol All that to say, it’s a good feeling to know that your clients trust you!

Adriana thought to wear some boots under her dress which was smart thinking because we did a little tromping around, up and down hills and had to wade through some pokey leaves. Maybe not wade through, but they weren’t the most pleasant to walk through and definitely not if you had high heels on. Once we got to some better ground Adriana put on her pretty heels for a few photos as well. Towards the end of their session Aaron picked up Adriana and twirled around in the middle of a long row of tall trees. Adriana kicked her heels up in the air and it made for such a cute photo!

Congrats on your engagement you two! I can’t wait for the wedding and to see all the pretty come together! – Megan


Santa Clarita Egagement Photography_0001

DeeJay & Jake: Valencia Engagement Session

Excited to be sharing DeeJay and Jake’s engagement session today! We trekked around to a few different spots in Valencia and Santa Clarita to use the awesome vintage MINT GREEN Chevy truck and DeeJay’s DIY Lace Tent. I may have drooled a little over the truck. I loved how they like to have fun together just in the simple things. Sometimes Jake would say something trying to be be funny or make DeeJay laugh for a picture and then she’d just give him a weird look which then make him laugh so it all worked out.

We hit the hillside at the perfect time as the sun was setting and the lace tent was so gorgeous as the sun streamed through. I had so much fun with these two and I love it when clients get excited about incorporating fun things that they love. I couldn’t be more happy for DeeJay & Jake and being able to document their love has been such a beautiful experience. You can see their engagement on the Queen May here. So excited for their wedding this August!


LACMA Egagement Photography_0002

Camille & Dion: Engagement

 So very happy for Camille & Dion! They chose to have their engagement session at the LA County Museum of Art and I was excited about going there since I had never been before.  I found a few sparse cherry blossoms on the property while I was scouting out good spots before Camille and Dion arrived and wanted to jump up and down. I love cherry blossoms and Camille happens to love them too so she was delightfully surprised! 🙂  Both of them are such sweet people and made it easy to get good pictures. 🙂 Congrats Camille & Dion!


Hillarie & Lance: Santa Clarita Engagement

placerita canyon engagement

Hillarie and Lance are high school sweethearts and grew up together being best friends. They were so young when they first met that they can’t actually remember it but Hillarie remembers thinking as a little girl that one day she would marry that boy named Lance. 🙂  For the proposal Lance had it all planned out and Hillarie had no idea what was going on. He planned a day for her and her friends to go to Disneyland but the whole time Hillarie thought it was an early 21st birthday gift for her and her friends from their parents. She and her friends had a fun morning and that afternoon had stopped in front of the castle to take pictures. At just the right time Hillarie turned around and Lance was standing there, then he took her hands and got down on one knee to propose. She was in shock! When he took the ring out of his pocket, that’s when Hillarie began to cry. He asked her to marry him and she nodded yes! A crowd had surrounded them during this time and began to clap and cheer for them with photographers snapping away at this big moment in front of Sleeping Beauty’s castle!

I loved photographing the love between these two during their engagement session and couldn’t be more happy for the two of them. We had fun coming up with things to do and since Lance had taken a photography class he would sometimes comment on why he knew I had picked a location for the lighting or composition. One of my favorite things about  their session was just how evident it was that they were so happy just being together. I know God will use these two in ways they never imagined and  I can’t wait to photograph their wedding in June!