Freeman Family: Santa Claita Famiy Photos

I had such a great time photographing this beautiful family! Look at them! I met Stephenie back in July at her sister-in-law, Lindsey’s engagement party. Stephenie helped pull off a huge surprise for Lindsey and did amazing with everything. She mentioned to me at the party that she wanted to get some family photos done this year and we later got their session on the calendar.

I met the Freeman’s for their session at 9am on location. I’m so used to photographing in the afternoon so it was nice to have the crisp morning air for a change. With the time change just happening this month we were able to get some warm morning light shining through the trees. So pretty! The weather was pretty perfect on the day of their session. No wind to mess up the hair or anything, not too cold or hot and we only had a few annoying bugs buzzing around. 🙂

For my longer family sessions I like to break everyone up and get individual shots of everyone and several different arrangements with the kids and parents. It gives some variety and there’s always different uses where different photos are needed.

The boys were goof balls. Of course, what boys aren’t? I love that boys are the silly ones though, gives some comedic relive and they always make for a fun shoot. The boys are always the ones with a smart remark up their sleeve that slips out at just the right time to make Mom laugh when she’s in the spotlight with Dad getting her picture taken. These boys are also such handsome young men! Watch out boys, the girls are going to be chasing you around soon if they aren’t already!

Thank you for allowing me to photograph your beautiful and kind family! I’ve so enjoyed getting to know you all a little better and give you memories to keep forever! -Megan



Pasadena Family Session: Kay Family

I so enjoyed seeing the Kay family again for their family session in Old Town Pasadena. Last time I photographed this family Gina was still pregnant with their youngest. It’s so neat to see little ones grow. Their two boys are just the sweetest and cutest little things!

The little alley way was the perfect spot for their mini session. There was a little garden area next to a building with that cool tall gate you see at the beginning of their session. Like most of Old Town Pasadena there was lots of brick and probably my favorite thing was the old coal chute. I didn’t even see it there until Terry pointed out how much he liked it. I love anything with a bit of history behind it. It makes me imagine the old days and how there was so much more manual labor involved with day to day responsibilities.

Towards the end of their session we made sure to grab a few shots of just Terry & Gina. I always encourage parents to do that during their family session. So often life gets busy and everything tends to revolve around the kids so it’s nice to get a good portrait of just mom and dad.

Terry and Gina were kind enough to offer to watch Ellie for us while we had a little dinner date. I can’t tell you how nice it was to have an uninterrupted dinner. Usually Ellie is a little fussy in the evenings when she is at home but she loves being out and about walking so she loved it too. They took her with them while they got ice cream for their boys and said that she was such a good girl. Eric and I enjoyed a burger at Slater’s 50/50 and then stopped and got some gelato. Thank you Terry & Gina!!



Woodland Family Photos: Baydo Family

I love that we were able to make it to Washington during our Christmas trip to the Pacific Northwest and that I was able to photograph this amazing family! We spent time with my family in Oregon for Christmas and Larry threw out the idea of the Baydo’s wanting to possibly do family photos. Since Eric and I were already so close we figured sure why not! It was a little chilly out but they survived with trips to the car to defrost while they waited until it was their turn. We got some beautiful family photographs and didn’t even have to leave their property! 

I was born and raised in Oregon so anytime I get to go to the Northwest I just love seeing all the green and trees. Little backroads like this are everywhere and walking along them, exploring and breathing the fresh air brings back memories and makes me miss it. Being that we now live in Southern California where green and trees are far and few between, it’s hard not to stop and take pictures constantly when we travel up North. The little road that runs along the edge of the Baydo’s property was the perfect spot for pictures! I love the winter feel of the tall sparse trees lining the road and even a little fog in the distance. So pretty! Richelle has some great location idea skills. 🙂

They were so kind, inviting us into their home and making us feel so welcome while we were there. They even sent us home with some goodies and amazingly delicious fresh pepperoni that we put to good use on our 16 hour drive home. 

Thank you for your being so welcoming! God has blessed you all with such a beautiful big family and it was so much fun to photograph and spend time with you all! – Megan