Oxnard Beach Family Pictures: Mordh Family

Oxnard Beach Family Pictures

Generally when you think of California beaches in the summertime you think warm with a slight cool breeze, sunny and not windy. At least that’s what I think of but I’ve learned that’s not always the case at Oxnard beach. 🙂 We had slightly more than a cool breeze. While the Mordh’s may have been practically blown over they still managed to have fun and even get a little wet which made for some really cute photos.  Towards the end of  their session Camden said to his dad, “Should I show her my sparkle?” and then proceeded to give me the biggest smile ever. It was so cute!! Apparently his nana told him that his eyes sparkle when he smiles. 🙂 A big thanks to Emilee of Tasteful Tatters for the cute DIY details! Love the little flags and so did Camden! Thank you for having me photography your cute little family Peter & Danielle!


Gibbs Family

While the Gibbs’ were out for a recent visit to CA I we were set up a time during their short visit to take their family pictures. Janelle and I met in college and became very close friends. We eventually found out that she had rode the school bus with my cousins as a child and my uncle even worked with her dad a bit. Small world!! From becoming friends in college, to being in each others weddings and now having babies (for her anyways :-)), I thank God for giving me a friend like her to lean on, talk to and share life with.

While Janelle and I were off trying to get the kids to smile JD and Eric (my husband) carried on about who knows what and we had to interrupt them a few times because after all we were there to take pictures not stand around and talk all day. Right boys? 🙂  We enjoyed getting to see them for a bit. Love you guys and thank you for having me photograph you family!


John Family

I so enjoyed shooting this family and mostly because I knew how much it meant to Dani (Mom/Grandma) to have all her family together. It was a quick session and part of the Photos for Katie event that was held for the month of April. The kiddos did good even though at times I think they were trying to figure out what was going on when I had 10 adults standing behind me putting on a circus to try and make them smile. 🙂  Beautiful family!


Canonayon Family

The Canonayon family was in sunny Southern California a couple weeks ago all the way fron Canada and wanted to get together for a family session. Such a cute family and two amazing parents. Of course it was windy in the Antelope Valley and the rain almost snuck in but we managed and you can’t even tell how windy it was in most of the pictures. I loved Desiree’s lace romper! Kids can sometimes add a bit more of a challenge to a photo shoot but they have so many expressions and reactions that you always end up with some funny ones like I did with this one. Thanks for sticking out the wind guys!