Woodland Family Photos: Baydo Family

I love that we were able to make it to Washington during our Christmas trip to the Pacific Northwest and that I was able to photograph this amazing family! We spent time with my family in Oregon for Christmas and Larry threw out the idea of the Baydo’s wanting to possibly do family photos. Since Eric and I were already so close we figured sure why not! It was a little chilly out but they survived with trips to the car to defrost while they waited until it was their turn. We got some beautiful family photographs and didn’t even have to leave their property! 

I was born and raised in Oregon so anytime I get to go to the Northwest I just love seeing all the green and trees. Little backroads like this are everywhere and walking along them, exploring and breathing the fresh air brings back memories and makes me miss it. Being that we now live in Southern California where green and trees are far and few between, it’s hard not to stop and take pictures constantly when we travel up North. The little road that runs along the edge of the Baydo’s property was the perfect spot for pictures! I love the winter feel of the tall sparse trees lining the road and even a little fog in the distance. So pretty! Richelle has some great location idea skills. 🙂

They were so kind, inviting us into their home and making us feel so welcome while we were there. They even sent us home with some goodies and amazingly delicious fresh pepperoni that we put to good use on our 16 hour drive home. 

Thank you for your being so welcoming! God has blessed you all with such a beautiful big family and it was so much fun to photograph and spend time with you all! – Megan



Santa Clarita Family Photos: Bishop Family

I love that I get to photograph the same families year after year and I love this family! I’ve known the Bishop’s for several years now and they are some of the most kind and loving people on the planet! I never have trouble getting natural smiles from everyone either because they always know how to make one another smile with their goofy remarks they throw around. It’s always a fun time to listen to them poke fun.

I met up with them at a neighborhood park in Santa Clarita and it was the perfect spot for their family photos this year. The colors they chose for everyone to wear were so pretty! I feel like their clothing and color choices went perfectly with their location and the cooler weather this time of year. I also LOVE that awesome big tree where we took the photos of the entire family together. It was meant to be. They are a family with roots in Christ and I know that they mean the world to one another. Having that huge tree in the background was sort of a perfect representation of their strong family tree.

Thank you all for trusting me document your family year after year! I so enjoy every time I get to see you all! -Megan



Smith Family: Santa Clarita

Meet the Smith Family! Todd is the Pastor of Crossroads Community Church here in Santa Clarita. When Eric and I moved to Santa Clarita a little over 4 years ago the first thing we did was try out a few churches in the area. Our first Sunday at Crossroads community church we knew that this church was right where God wanted us. God is using Pastor Todd and his family in mighty ways here in Santa Clarita! We love this family and are so excited about the future of Crossroads and moving into the building! 

I’m so happy with with how their family session turned out and love the location they chose. Mentryville is always a fun place to explore. The weather seemed to mostly cooperate. It wasn’t blistering hot or anything and other than swatting a few flies here and there it was a beautiful evening. Towards the end of their session we got some beautiful backlight and I think those photos are my favorite. 🙂 They may not believe it as most people don’t but they were so easy to photograph and they are such a good looking family! They have such kind and genuine smiles that seemed to come naturally. Well, maybe after making fun of each other but that’s what family is for right? I love to see how families interact together and make each other laugh. It’s so much fun and I always find myself laughing behind the camera as I’m taking photos. Laughing with them of course, not at them. 🙂 

Thank you Pastor Todd and family for having me photograph you all! It was such a pleasure! Thank you for following God’s leading in your lives and for being such kind, loving and humble people that we get to walk alongside of as part of the Crossroads Community Church family.


Larry, Ashley & Leighton at the Christmas Tree Farm


There is just something so magical about Christmas Tree Farms during the Christmas season. All the pretty lights hung above the trees, hot cider, rows of Christmas Trees and the chilly weather it’s a perfect Christmas tradition. Ahhhh, I love it all!  Nancy’s Ranch here in Valencia has a “cut your own” section so we decided to head over there for the Chappell’s family session.

Larry & Ashley are good friends of my husband and I so of course I was excited to photograph them with their little girl Leighton. Leighton just turned a year old this month and I can hardly believe it. It seems like I was just photographing her newborn session (which you can see here). I can’t get over her cuteness! All three of them make for a beautiful family and I love how their session turned out and I love this family!


The McKinley/Corum Family


This lovely family session in downtown Lancaster on the Boulevard may have been early in the morning but you would never be able to tell with their smiling faces. There were one or two giggle fits but that only made it more fun to take pictures of. 🙂 A truly beautiful family inside and out. They even invited me to breakfast afterwards!  Mom has never had this type of family pictures done so it was the perfect gift for her from her daughter!