Santa Clarita Mini Session: Jeong Family

This time of year with all the mini photo sessions is always so much fun because I get to see so many people in just a few short weeks. Tonight I am sharing the Jeong Family’s session out at Placerita Canyon Natural Area. I love that area and so do a lot of other photographers. Every time I went out there for a session on the weekend this month there were at least two other photographers there. There is plenty of space for everyone though!

I love tromping around in nature and the Placerita Canyon Nature Center is just the place to do that. They have several trails for hiking and lots of beautiful trees. I’m so glad the fire didn’t burn it all, I can’t say the same for just down the road a ways. It’s all burnt to a crisp at another one of my favorite spots. 🙁

Little Noah was ready to explore as soon as we got started with the session. Though he usually wanted to go the opposite direction that we wanted to go. lol That’s how it goes with littles though! There was a lot of bribing going on. Mom brought Cheerios and bubbles as leverage.

We walked around a little bit and made stops along the way when we found a place we liked and thought we could distract Noah long enough to get a few photos before retiring to the Cheerios and bubbles. I think all kids go through phases of wanting one parent over the other and this week Noah happened to want Mom all the time but he did let Dad hold him a few times for a brief few seconds.

Just as we were wrapping up their session Noah broke out the cutest smiles. He was holding fists full of Cheerios too so it was even more cute! Such a cheese ball!

Thank you Jeong Family of having me photograph you all! I so enjoyed chasing Noah around and getting some beautiful photos of you all. – Megan



Odom Family: Santa Clarita Mini Session

A mini session with the Odom Family in Santa Clarita! Photographing Rob & Sara all started with their engagement session back in 2013, then their amazing destination wedding in Punta Cana, DR, their maternity session, Parker’s newborn session and now their little family of 3! My favorite part of being a photographer is seeing the same people year after year and watching beautiful families grow. This is what makes me LOVE what I do. I get to document love. The love of a husband for his wife, a mom for her baby, a child’s love for mommy and daddy…. that is SO COOL! I am so blessed and love my clients!

Parker is now 1 year old! She is also teething so getting a quick shot before she got that hand back in her mouth was fun. She is such a cutie and walking all over the place like a pro already.

We started their session with Parker and her balloons. She even had a cute #1 balloon. The wind made it hard to get a shot with the #1 balloon upright but we managed to get a few. We moved from one distraction to the next pretty quick so we could keep Parker’s attention and get some good smiles. It’s always a workout doing sessions with little ones. They are all over the place and quick to move on to the next thing.

During their session Daddy threw her up in the air and she had a smile from ear to ear for that! She was pretty happy any time she was moving fast whether that be flying through the air or running as Mommy chased her. So cute!

I can’t believe it’s been a year since I photographed Parker as a newborn! Happy Birthday Parker! You are one cute little girl and I can’t wait to watch you grow!