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DIY Milk Glass Party Favors

I recently made these cute Milk Glass Party Favors using empty IZZE bottles for an event at my home and thought I’d share how I did it. They’d make cute wedding favors too!

Materials for the Milk Glass:
Empty IZZE glass bottles (or any glass bottles you want to use)
Goo Gone
Scotch Brite Heavy Duty Scour Pad
White Interior/Exterior fast drying spray paint

Materials for the tags:
White & Colored paper (I used this Boris Marker Layout paper for the calligraphy.)
Pen (I used my calligraphy speedball pen holderHiggins black Ink and Nikko G Nib)

If you are interested in calligraphy I highly recommend taking Molly Jacques’ online class Introduction to the Art of Modern Calligraphy.


Step 1: Rinse your empty IZZE glass bottles out and peel the stickers off the bottles
Step 2: Spray the Goo Gone on the residue where the stickers were and let it sit for a few minutes then scrub off the sticker residue with the Scotch Brite scour pad. Wash the bottles with warm soapy water and dry completely.
Step 3: In a well ventilated area lay dow some cardboard, set the bottles on it and begin spray painting the bottles.Two coats should do and I sprayed slightly inside the lip of the bottle as well.
Step 4: Let bottles dry completely for the recommended time on the spray can.
Step 5: Decorate your bottle as you like . I used some cute bakers twine, made a name tag and added a flower to the bottle.