Paradise Springs Oakhurst, CA: Caitlin & Kyle

I am so excited to share Caitlin & Kyle’s wedding at Paradise Springs in the Sierra National Forest today!! I’ve known these two for several years now and photographed Caitlin’s sister Ashley’s wedding in 2013. I was so excited to hear about Caitlin and Kyle getting engaged and even more excited when I received an email from Caitlin asking me photograph their wedding. The moment she started telling me about their wedding plans I knew it was going to be one amazing day!

Their wedding day started off with the two of them getting ready in cabins on the venue property. They were both chill and enjoying the time with their friends and family. Kyle and I headed down the road a ways to a grove of Giant Sequoias where he had picked out a spot for their first look. They had their first look in the forest amongst giant sequoias with ladybugs fluttering everywhere. There were hundreds of lady bugs! Yes, hundreds of them and it was absolutely magical. Lady bugs have been a sort of a good luck charm for Caitlin & Kyle since the beginning of their relationship. Caitie-bug is the nickname Kyle gave Caitlin and lady bugs always seem to show up in random places at just the right time as a comforting little reminder for them. It was the coolest thing ever that the place where they had their first look had lady bugs everywhere. Caitlin walked down the forrest trail and as she got closer to Kyle their dog Memphis was so excited to see her that he ran right over. Kyle turned around and saw his bride for the first time on their wedding day all speckled with lady bugs on her dress and in her hair. I think this may have been my favorite part of their day! 

The ceremony was set up with the forest as the backdrop! The tall trees towering around us were so beautiful. This area around Yosemite is so so gorgeous! It was the perfect setting for the two of them to commit their lives to each other. They both love camping, hiking, fishing and exploring the outdoors together so it was only fitting to have a wedding centered around what they love to do together.

Being up in the Yosemite mountains was such a great weekend getaway and I feel so so blessed to have been part of your day Caitlin and Kyle’s! Thank you for your kindness, the fun adventures for photo shoots and being genuine people with deep roots. You and your whole family are beautiful people to be around. Wishing you both all the love and happiness together as husband and wife. -Megan

If you haven’t seen their epic engagement session in Mammoth you have to check it out! See it here. So much fun adventuring in the mountains, checking out the hot springs and even some fly fishing (well sort of)!  

Venue: Paradise Springs    Dress: Panache    Groom’s Attire: Vest:Filson  Flannel: Woolrich    Cake: TJ’s Sinfully Sweet Cakes    Hair & Makeup: Primp    Coordination: Terri Hartman & Chris Eastman    DJ: Doug Mosman    Catering: Crab Cakes Restaurant    Photography: Megan Hayes    Invitations: Wedding Paper Divas    Drinks: South Gate Brewing Company



Santa Clarita Mini Session: Elam LaVoise Families

More mini session goodness! Today I get to share the Elam/LaVoise families. You probably recognize them as I’ve had many a photo session with them!

I just love this time of year with the beautiful colors, falling leaves and crisp cool air. Especially the crisp cool air seems how it’s usually hot in Southern California. I’ll take all the cooler weather I can get! This session out at Placerita Canyon Natural Area was so so pretty! The people were pretty good looking too I guess. lol I kid, I kid. 🙂 Yes, I know you are probably still rolling on the floor laughing at that one right? Ok, I’ll wait a minute for you to regain consciousness.

Adding kids into the mix of photos always makes for an interesting time. You just never know if you are going to have a wild child, shy child or perfectly behaved little angel. lol Such is life. Kids keep me on my toes at photo shoots and I am 100% ok with that. Reese is the little girl in this family and she is adorable! You need to see her hugging momma’s belly for their maternity session. Cutest ever! Like seriously! She is such a ham, and this session was no different. She loves to make faces and dance around. So cute! In those quick still moments in-between all the dancing and face making I always get the sweetest serious look from her. She needs to be in a magazine ad for children’s clothing or something.

After getting some family photos of everyone together we moved on to get individual families and then some extras with Grandma and Grandpa. I always feel like these mini sessions go by way to fast! I could have spent another 30 minutes with them and probably would have had I not had another session right after them. I do love how their session turned out and loved getting to spend a few moments of the afternoon with this crazy bunch! I think what I love most about this family is that they are so friendly and always love a good laugh. They are always out to crack a joke or make fun of each other. Of course all done in love. 🙂

Thank you for having me photograph your beautiful family! I enjoyed it so very much! -Megan



Santa Clarita Mini Session: Jeong Family

This time of year with all the mini photo sessions is always so much fun because I get to see so many people in just a few short weeks. Tonight I am sharing the Jeong Family’s session out at Placerita Canyon Natural Area. I love that area and so do a lot of other photographers. Every time I went out there for a session on the weekend this month there were at least two other photographers there. There is plenty of space for everyone though!

I love tromping around in nature and the Placerita Canyon Nature Center is just the place to do that. They have several trails for hiking and lots of beautiful trees. I’m so glad the fire didn’t burn it all, I can’t say the same for just down the road a ways. It’s all burnt to a crisp at another one of my favorite spots. 🙁

Little Noah was ready to explore as soon as we got started with the session. Though he usually wanted to go the opposite direction that we wanted to go. lol That’s how it goes with littles though! There was a lot of bribing going on. Mom brought Cheerios and bubbles as leverage.

We walked around a little bit and made stops along the way when we found a place we liked and thought we could distract Noah long enough to get a few photos before retiring to the Cheerios and bubbles. I think all kids go through phases of wanting one parent over the other and this week Noah happened to want Mom all the time but he did let Dad hold him a few times for a brief few seconds.

Just as we were wrapping up their session Noah broke out the cutest smiles. He was holding fists full of Cheerios too so it was even more cute! Such a cheese ball!

Thank you Jeong Family of having me photograph you all! I so enjoyed chasing Noah around and getting some beautiful photos of you all. – Megan



Freeman Family: Santa Claita Famiy Photos

I had such a great time photographing this beautiful family! Look at them! I met Stephenie back in July at her sister-in-law, Lindsey’s engagement party. Stephenie helped pull off a huge surprise for Lindsey and did amazing with everything. She mentioned to me at the party that she wanted to get some family photos done this year and we later got their session on the calendar.

I met the Freeman’s for their session at 9am on location. I’m so used to photographing in the afternoon so it was nice to have the crisp morning air for a change. With the time change just happening this month we were able to get some warm morning light shining through the trees. So pretty! The weather was pretty perfect on the day of their session. No wind to mess up the hair or anything, not too cold or hot and we only had a few annoying bugs buzzing around. 🙂

For my longer family sessions I like to break everyone up and get individual shots of everyone and several different arrangements with the kids and parents. It gives some variety and there’s always different uses where different photos are needed.

The boys were goof balls. Of course, what boys aren’t? I love that boys are the silly ones though, gives some comedic relive and they always make for a fun shoot. The boys are always the ones with a smart remark up their sleeve that slips out at just the right time to make Mom laugh when she’s in the spotlight with Dad getting her picture taken. These boys are also such handsome young men! Watch out boys, the girls are going to be chasing you around soon if they aren’t already!

Thank you for allowing me to photograph your beautiful and kind family! I’ve so enjoyed getting to know you all a little better and give you memories to keep forever! -Megan



Odom Family: Santa Clarita Mini Session

A mini session with the Odom Family in Santa Clarita! Photographing Rob & Sara all started with their engagement session back in 2013, then their amazing destination wedding in Punta Cana, DR, their maternity session, Parker’s newborn session and now their little family of 3! My favorite part of being a photographer is seeing the same people year after year and watching beautiful families grow. This is what makes me LOVE what I do. I get to document love. The love of a husband for his wife, a mom for her baby, a child’s love for mommy and daddy…. that is SO COOL! I am so blessed and love my clients!

Parker is now 1 year old! She is also teething so getting a quick shot before she got that hand back in her mouth was fun. She is such a cutie and walking all over the place like a pro already.

We started their session with Parker and her balloons. She even had a cute #1 balloon. The wind made it hard to get a shot with the #1 balloon upright but we managed to get a few. We moved from one distraction to the next pretty quick so we could keep Parker’s attention and get some good smiles. It’s always a workout doing sessions with little ones. They are all over the place and quick to move on to the next thing.

During their session Daddy threw her up in the air and she had a smile from ear to ear for that! She was pretty happy any time she was moving fast whether that be flying through the air or running as Mommy chased her. So cute!

I can’t believe it’s been a year since I photographed Parker as a newborn! Happy Birthday Parker! You are one cute little girl and I can’t wait to watch you grow!