Santa Clarita Engagement: Nicole & Jesse

Tonight I get to share Nicole and Jesse’s sweet engagement session! These two are the sweetest and I loved photographing them in one of my favorite Santa Clarita locations.

Nicole and Jesse met while in college at Cal State University, Northridge and got engaged in 2014. When I met with the two of them to talk wedding photography details they told me that one of their favorite things to do was vacation in Colorado. Considering that I think Colorado is pretty cool and have always wanted to visit I knew they had to be great people. :-) 

They were nothing short of easy going during their engagement session. We explored around the area a little and had a great time finding good spots to stop and take photos. It was such a perfect day with a cooler temperature but not too cold. It was just right! We didn’t have to swat bugs away the whole time either and considering that is not always the case at the spot we were photographing, I was very excited about that. 

Just about every couple I have the privilege of photographing is not used to being in front of the camera so when it comes time for the engagement session people aren’t sure how comfortable they’ll be when I stick my camera in their face. Towards the end of Nicole and Jesse’s session Jesse commented on how fun and easy it was. Being able to set people’s nerves at ease and help them to relax and have fun is always one of my goals. I’m so glad that these two felt exactly that way during their engagement session, the pictures always come out better when a couple is able to feel comfortable and have fun.

I am so very happy for you Nicole and Jesse! I can’t wait for your ranch wedding this June! -Megan 


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Santa Clarita Engagement: Adriana & Aaron

So excited to share Adriana & Aaron’s Santa Clarita engagement session on the blog tonight!

I had a great time with these two exploring the Placerita Canyon area and then off to the gorgeous pepper trees. Check out Adriana’s dress! GORGEOUS! I loved the black sheer layers, such a great dress for an engagement session! Totally matches Adriana’s love for all things Disney, it was a pretty magical dress.

These two are so easy going, but I feel like I say that a lot so probably most of my couples are. Hey, I’m down for that! Makes for a fun time during the session when they’ll go anywhere and do just about anything. Well, I am sure they would have drawn the line at some point. Maybe if I would have asked them to have a mud war or something. That actually sounds like a fun idea!Any takers? Maybe for the end of an engagement session though and somewhere with a bathroom or lake nearby. lol All that to say, it’s a good feeling to know that your clients trust you!

Adriana thought to wear some boots under her dress which was smart thinking because we did a little tromping around, up and down hills and had to wade through some pokey leaves. Maybe not wade through, but they weren’t the most pleasant to walk through and definitely not if you had high heels on. Once we got to some better ground Adriana put on her pretty heels for a few photos as well. Towards the end of their session Aaron picked up Adriana and twirled around in the middle of a long row of tall trees. Adriana kicked her heels up in the air and it made for such a cute photo!

Congrats on your engagement you two! I can’t wait for the wedding and to see all the pretty come together! – Megan


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Woodland Family Photos: Baydo Family

I love that we were able to make it to Washington during our Christmas trip to the Pacific Northwest and that I was able to photograph this amazing family! We spent time with my family in Oregon for Christmas and Larry threw out the idea of the Baydo’s wanting to possibly do family photos. Since Eric and I were already so close we figured sure why not! It was a little chilly out but they survived with trips to the car to defrost while they waited until it was their turn. We got some beautiful family photographs and didn’t even have to leave their property! 

I was born and raised in Oregon so anytime I get to go to the Northwest I just love seeing all the green and trees. Little backroads like this are everywhere and walking along them, exploring and breathing the fresh air brings back memories and makes me miss it. Being that we now live in Southern California where green and trees are far and few between, it’s hard not to stop and take pictures constantly when we travel up North. The little road that runs along the edge of the Baydo’s property was the perfect spot for pictures! I love the winter feel of the tall sparse trees lining the road and even a little fog in the distance. So pretty! Richelle has some great location idea skills. :-)

They were so kind, inviting us into their home and making us feel so welcome while we were there. They even sent us home with some goodies and amazingly delicious fresh pepperoni that we put to good use on our 16 hour drive home. 

Thank you for your being so welcoming! God has blessed you all with such a beautiful big family and it was so much fun to photograph and spend time with you all! – Megan


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Mammoth Lakes Engagement: Caitlin & Kyle

There’s something a little magical about a snowy mountain engagement session which is why I am so excited to share Caitlin and Kyle’s engagement session at Mammoth Lakes on the blog tonight!

Mammoth Lakes is one of their favorite places to go which is what made it the perfect setting for their engagement session. They both love the outdoors, in fact they got engaged this last July while on a camping road trip up the coast. Caitlin was totally surprised and may have shed a few gallons of happy tears. 

Mammoth Lakes is a bit of a drive from Valencia, CA so I decided to drag the hubs along with me and make a little weekend trip out of it for us. We stayed at the Sierra Nevada Resort & Spa and loved it! They even gave us a free upgrade to the fireplace suite and it was beautiful!

The next day we met up with Caitlin and Kyle at the Tamarack Lodge to start their session with some snowy mountain pictures. It is so pretty up there! The lake was covered with ice and snow and the mountains were the perfect backdrop. I think my favorite detail about their session is that they brought their dog Memphis with them for pictures. Memphis is actually the reason Caitlin & Kyle met. Caitlin was working at a veterinary office where Kyle had to bring Memphis in so you could say that Memphis is quite the matchmaker. 

After we were down with the snowy photos at the lodge we headed down the mountain to the hot springs for a little different setting. Caitlin and Kyle even brought some fly fishing gear to have a little fun with getting some photos of them doing something they love to do together. 

Adventuring around the Mammoth area with these two was so fun! Caitlin and Kyle, you tow are such a cute couple and I am so very excited for you! Can’t wait for the wedding next year! – Megan


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Santa Clarita Newborn: Parker

Loved photographing this sweet girl’s newborn photos! Parker was born on November 8th just a day shy of her mom and dad’s 2nd wedding anniversary. I was so excited for them when I saw the news that they were expecting!  I love that what I do brings me back to families year after year to capture life’s most meaningful milestones. I photographed Robert and Sara’s destination wedding in 2013. It doesn’t seem like it was that long ago that we were on the beach in Punta Cana with them saying their vows. Now 2 years later I got to photograph their firstborn sweet girl. 

Parker’s session started off with just getting a few photos of her looking cute as ever on a white background and then we took a little break for some feeding and comfort time while I photographed her nursery. Her nursery by the way is so cute! Great job Robert and Sara! They did several cute DIY things in the nursery including building the awesome tree shelf and Sara making the tree twig mobile. The clouds on the wall in the background of her crib is the perfect accent wall. I love clouds in a baby’s room. 

When I was finished photographing the nursery we changed the background a little by adding some Christmas lights. That little white blanket you see hanging off the edge of the basket was her momma’s baby blanket. How special is that! I love incorporating keepsakes from mom and dad into newborn shoots. Family is so special and having little things in photos to keep forever an awesome thing to be able to pass down and tell stories about later. 

I’m so happy for you Robert & Sara! I can’t wait to watch Parker grow and see how she changes and developes her own little personality. Congrats! – Megan 


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