Santa Clarita Maternity: Drew & Emily

This maternity session with Drew, Emily, Reese & baby Finn was so fun and the photographs are just dreamy! How cute is big sister Reese! Oh. My. Goodness!! That girl has some serious cute going on. She must get it from her two hot parents. 🙂  Drew and Emily are good friends of my husband and I so it’s ok for me to say that. lol

It seems like just last week that I was photographing Reese as a newborn (See her 1yr photos too) and now she is going to be a big sister! For their Maternity/Family session we walked down a trail in Towsley Canyon just a little ways and started off with some family photos of the four of them. It wasn’t too long into the session that Reese pulled the diva card and started asking for water and snacks pronto. lol Being a two year old taking pictures is hard work! She also wanted to see her picture just about every time I took one. 🙂 She can have all the snacks she wants. Well, at lease when Gra Gra is there for backup. Thanks Gra Gra!

Emily is such a stunning preggo lady. I love the photos we got of just her and the baby Finn bump. She looked amazing, the light was just right and her dress was simply elegant against the nature background and mountains in the distance.

Drew and Emily are the type of people who are just so easy to be around because they always make you feel welcome. They are two genuine and kind people whom I am so glad we get to call friends. I am so happy for them as they welcome the 4th member of their family little Finn. I cannot wait to meet the little guy and snuggle with that sweet baby! Congrats you two! Come on out any day now baby Finn!



Maternity: My Bump & PinkBlush Giveaway

It’s hard to believe that in JUST FIVE short weeks (or about that) we’ll be holding our sweet girl. I really can hardly believe it! I go from freaking out one second to being extremely excited to finally hold her the next second. In celebration of nearing the end of my pregnancy I’ve teamed up with PinkBlush on a super sweet $75 giveaway that I’ll tell you more about at the end. Our lives are about to change dramatically but also so much sweeter. I cannot wait to see her face and hold her tiny hands. For some reason when we saw the first detailed ultrasound and it was seeing her little hands that made me shed a tear. Love those little hands!

In the midst of growing a baby you get a little bigger in the mid-section and at a certain point you can no longer squeeze in that cute dress you once loved. Sad but at the same time it’s weird that for the first time in my life I actually feel more comfortable in my own skin than ever before. It’s hard to explain but while I am more ready than ever to not have a bump in the way that changes just about every movement I try to make, I’m also not afraid to wear a bathing suit or clothing that clearly displays the bump.

One of my favorite maternity clothing stores is PinkBlush Maternity! I’m in love with their Pink Lace Dress! Fits so well and who doesn’t love lace?! The best thing about both of the dresses I own from them is that I’ll still be able to wear them after baby girl arrives. I purchased the dress you’ll see at the end of this post for my baby shower and LOVED it! It’s so flowy and comfortable.

Now for the giveaway details! We’re giving away a $75 gift card to use on either one of their sites PinkBlush or PinkBlush Maternity. They have super cute maternity and non-maternity clothing so you don’t have to be preggo to enter! Head over to my Instagram and find the giveaway photo for more details on how to enter!

Dress: PinkBlush Maternity    Boots: Steve Madden    Lip Color: NYX Butter Gloss Creme Brulee & Bare Minerals Moxie Be Free    Baby Shower Cake & Cookies: The Bake Boutique 



Kay Maternity: Griffith Park

This maternity session at Griffith Park was so fun to photograph! I’ve been emailing back and forth with Terry for a while now trying to decide on a location between us that would work well. I love that we decided on Griffith Park. I’ve photographed sessions there several times now but I feel like I find a new little spot I love every time I go.

The trees were loosing their leaves and the fall colors were so beautiful. I love fall time for that very reason. It seems as though just when a person is sick of one season the next season is just around the corner to bring a refreshing change to life. Fall time brings in new colors and fresh crisp air and it’s such a beautiful time of year for photos. You can avoid the high temperatures that we usually have in Southern California and you get the pretty oranges and yellows in your photographs.

We started off the Kay’s maternity session in the colorful trees just at the edge of the parking lot. It was the perfect spot to capture the fall colors in the background! Their three year old boy had a cracker that he decided should never leave his hands so we made up a game. Hide the Cracker! This was the game of the day and he totally loved it. I kept telling him to hide the cracker and then when I questioned how I couldn’t find the cracker we got some pretty cute smiles and giggles out of him. Such a cute little boy!

We ventured on a few trails around the area and then headed to the Griffith Observatory for a few more photos with the city-scape in the background. It was a beautiful evening and so pretty to see the sunset while overlooking the city. 

Congrats Terry & Gina on your new little one arriving soon! Thank you for allowing me to document this beautiful stage of your lives! – Megan



Rob & Sara: Santa Clarita Maternity

Loved photographing Rob & Sara for their maternity session in Santa Clarita. It was just a a couple years ago when I was photographing their destination wedding in Punta Cana, DR. Their wedding was amazing by the way! I’ll never forget photographing them on that beautiful beach! Our time in Punta Cana was so much fun! Relaxing on the beach the days leading up to and after the wedding and swimming in the ocean was amazing. Nothing like a day in the sun after a long day running around non-stop during a wedding day. Wish I could do that after every wedding I have.

I met up with Sara & Rob out at Placerita Canyon and we started their session with getting a couple photos with their family dogs. I just love that photo of their dog laying his head on Sara’s lap! So cute! We walked down the path a little ways and the light was peeking through the trees just perfectly. Sara looked stunning! What a beautiful mommy! The little Nike baby sneakers were too much! Oh my, so adorable. When out little one arrives I think playing dress up will be my favorite part. lol

Congrats Sara & Rob! You two will be amazing parents! You’re little one has two strong, loving and adventurous parents to explore the world with. Your biggest adventure yet is on the way and I cannot wait to meet your little one!


Evan & Stephanie: Santa Monica

I so enjoyed meeting a capturing this special moment for Evan & Stephanie before their little Benjamin arrives in a couple months. They were such a sweet couple and so much fun to take pictures of! (Even after I drug them around the pier looking for blue cotton candy only to find it at the entrance where we started.) It was an overcast day down in Santa Monica which made for a perfect picture taking day. Evan & Stephanie had dated for four years before getting engaged and were married last year. So happy for them and this new chapter of their family!