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DIY Milk Glass Party Favors

I recently made these cute Milk Glass Party Favors using empty IZZE bottles for an event at my home and thought I’d share how I did it. They’d make cute wedding favors too!

Materials for the Milk Glass:
Empty IZZE glass bottles (or any glass bottles you want to use)
Goo Gone
Scotch Brite Heavy Duty Scour Pad
White Interior/Exterior fast drying spray paint

Materials for the tags:
White & Colored paper (I used this Boris Marker Layout paper for the calligraphy.)
Pen (I used my calligraphy speedball pen holderHiggins black Ink and Nikko G Nib)

If you are interested in calligraphy I highly recommend taking Molly Jacques’ online class Introduction to the Art of Modern Calligraphy.


Step 1: Rinse your empty IZZE glass bottles out and peel the stickers off the bottles
Step 2: Spray the Goo Gone on the residue where the stickers were and let it sit for a few minutes then scrub off the sticker residue with the Scotch Brite scour pad. Wash the bottles with warm soapy water and dry completely.
Step 3: In a well ventilated area lay dow some cardboard, set the bottles on it and begin spray painting the bottles.Two coats should do and I sprayed slightly inside the lip of the bottle as well.
Step 4: Let bottles dry completely for the recommended time on the spray can.
Step 5: Decorate your bottle as you like . I used some cute bakers twine, made a name tag and added a flower to the bottle.



Pursuit 31 Los Angeles | June Meetup

This last Monday night I held a monthly  Pursuit 31 Meetup for our Los Angeles small group at my home. We had special Guest Tina Rider of Top of the Line Tax there to give us a mini business workshop all about Self Employed Photographers.  We discussed accounting for small businesses and what programs to use, tax obligations, quarterly estimated taxes, quarterly sales tax,  how to manage sales tax, tax write offs and what are not write offs, doing business in other states, W-9’s for second shooters and more.   Tina was kind enough to give us a thick packet of information complete with dividers. It was so helpful! I had such a good time getting to see these girls again and we managed to have fun even with all tax talk involved. We made yummy Italian Cream Sodas to keep us happy during the tax talk and afterwards snacked on apple chips, veggies, flautas and guacamole.  Also see my DIY Milk Glass Party Favor post for instructions on how to make the favors I gave out.

If you are interested in becoming part of our Pursuit 31 Los Angeles Small Group contact me and I can tell you more.

Tina Rider | Top of the Line Tax | 661-6452633