Family, one of life’s greatest blessings!

What a wonderful family! Eric and I have the great joy of attending Lancaster Baptist Church where Pastor Paul Chappell is the pastor and we recently took their family pictures. It was a lovely day and this close nit family was absolutely beautiful! They recently welcomed a new member to the family, baby Camden and he added some extra cuteness to the photos. There was a moment just as everyone was getting into place when little Camden let out a loud sign as if he was so glad to finally be in place for the photo. We couldn’t help but to crack up laughing! 🙂 It’s the little moments like this one that I love the most when doing a photo session. They are moments you never forget! We certainly love our Pastor and his family!

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2009-11-26 at 10-50-10

Proud parents!

2009-11-26 at 10-36-15

2009-11-26 at 10-25-11

2009-11-25 at 10-29-40

2009-11-26 at 11-14-54

Here’s the Mordh family and their new little guy! Camden everybody’s favorite 🙂 It was like watching a game of hot potato between Auntie Kristine and Nana as they passed him back and forth. 🙂

2009-11-26 at 11-12-52

Larry was recently diagnosed with cancer and the grace of God in his life sure has been evident in the last couple weeks. We certainly love Larry and Ashley and have been praying for them every day. Please keep them in your prayers as well as they await a very serious and needful surgery for Larry this month. We love you guys!!

2009-11-26 at 11-11-31

2009-11-25 at 10-44-03

2009-11-26 at 11-16-19

2009-11-25 at 10-45-44

Last but not least, the lovely ladies!  Love moments like these when everyone squeezes together for one last photo!

2009-11-26 at 11-20-14

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