Senior Portraits: Jessica

This post is a bit more on the personal than most posts as the girl in these photos is family! Meet my sister, Jessica. Jessica quiet at first, will laugh at all your jokes and has a sweet side to her believe it or not. You will also meet “bob” in these photos, he is Jessica’s new goat friend. Jessica’s senior pictures were taken in the lovely state of Oregon over the summer. I love every chance I get to go home, enjoy the fresh air and be surrounded by TREES! Yes, there are trees in this world that don’t look like cactus’.  Congrats Jessica on being a senior this year! Love you!

5 thoughts to “Senior Portraits: Jessica”

  1. They look amazing and i cant wait to see how mine come out. 🙂 She looks beautiful in all those pictures. I still cant believe its our senior year, its completly crazy. love you megan and thank you for the senior pictures 🙂

  2. I love my sister Jessica she is so powerful and wonderful and I love her very much and never forget her!

  3. Megan how is it going did you see are blogs? I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!! I miss you and I want to visit you. Also when I grow up I am going to check out Californa! To bad you can’t come down for Thanksgiving. By the way near Christmas I am going to send you a PRESENT!!! Also check out http: // I changed it . BTW stands for by the way. If you see it is not different then I was too lazy to change it. xoxo oxox From: Selena

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