Lake Arrowhead Wedding: Olivia & John

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Olivia and John were married at the Hidden Creek Lodge which is part of the Lake Arrowhead Pine Rose Cabins. Talk about a beautiful place for a wedding! I am deprived of tall evergreen trees here in Southern California so I get a little excited about photographing a wedding that takes me to the mountains with more trees.

When I met these two and they began telling me about their wedding day I could see in the way they looked at one another just how much they meant to one another. Throughout their wedding day there were so many moments when they melted into one another’s arms like they never wanted to let go. So sweet! One of my favorite things about their wedding day was how there were so many little meaningful details. Olivia wore the same wedding dress that her Mother and Grandmother wore! It was a beautiful vintage lace wedding dress and Olivia looked amazing in it.  She also had  Green Grass Gifts on Etsy make necklaces using a piece of her grandmother’s wedding gown and she attached pictures to her wedding bouquet of family/grandparents that had passed away and couldn’t be at the wedding. She gave one of the necklaces to all of the bridesmaids and to her mother who also wore the same wedding gown. So cool!

Congrats Olivia & John! Thank you for having me capture your beautiful day. Your love one another, family values and kindness will always stick in my mind. All the best to you two…Megan

Venue: Pine Rose Cabins    DJ: Arrowhead DJ    Wedding Dress: Grandmother’s Vintage Gown redone by Maria at Bella Bridal    Bridesmaid Dresses: Bella Bridal    Hair: La Bella Donna    Caterer: Fox in the Woods    Cake: Niki’s Custom Cakes    Florist: Jasmine Rose    Bridesmaid Necklaces: Green Grass Gifts

Love Story: “We met in high school freshman year, we didn’t get along too well. He was outgoing and I was quite, I never thought I would fall for him. After 4 years of hardly speaking to each other we caught up after graduation, we started talking and realized that we both were wrong about each other. He thought I was mean calling me “raptor” eyes when he asked for my homework and I thought he was lazy, always showing up late to class. I realized he wasn’t lazy, he would just rather work outside with hands on stuff rather than sit behind a desk, and he learned I wasn’t mean I just was guarded and took pride in my own work. On September 10th 2010 we made it official and started falling in love. After 2 years of dating and growing closer we though we had been thought it all. This is when we started talking about him joining the army, I wasn’t fond of the idea but would support him no matter what. 4 days after enlisting he left for basic training, I was devastated, 7 months with out getting to see the man I loved! Luckily I was able to fly out to see him for his graduation from basic training 3 months in. It was like a first date for us, except a whole lot better! But we still had 4 months to go separated by thousands of miles. Once he moved bases I visited him again for the 4th of July. It will be a trip I never forget, I flew back home with a ring on my left hand. He arrived home 4 months later and we have been planning our wedding ever since!”

Pine Rose Cabins Wedding_0001 Below are the custom necklaces Olivia had Green Grass Gifts make for her bridesmaids and Mother. They were made using a piece of her Grandmother’s wedding dress which was also worn by Olivia’s mom and now Olivia.

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 Olivia & John’s first look at each other on their wedding day!

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The woods surrounding Pine Rose Cabins were beautiful!

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Baby’s Breath bridesmaids bouquets were the perfect fit for this wedding!

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As the sun set at Hidden Creek Lodge Olivia & John had their first dance. Perfect timing!

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Olivia & John from Megan Hayes on Vimeo.

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