Santa Clarita Newborn: Parker

Loved photographing this sweet girl’s newborn photos! Parker was born on November 8th just a day shy of her mom and dad’s 2nd wedding anniversary. I was so excited for them when I saw the news that they were expecting!  I love that what I do brings me back to families year after year to capture life’s most meaningful milestones. I photographed Robert and Sara’s destination wedding in 2013. It doesn’t seem like it was that long ago that we were on the beach in Punta Cana with them saying their vows. Now 2 years later I got to photograph their firstborn sweet girl. 

Parker’s session started off with just getting a few photos of her looking cute as ever on a white background and then we took a little break for some feeding and comfort time while I photographed her nursery. Her nursery by the way is so cute! Great job Robert and Sara! They did several cute DIY things in the nursery including building the awesome tree shelf and Sara making the tree twig mobile. The clouds on the wall in the background of her crib is the perfect accent wall. I love clouds in a baby’s room. 

When I was finished photographing the nursery we changed the background a little by adding some Christmas lights. That little white blanket you see hanging off the edge of the basket was her momma’s baby blanket. How special is that! I love incorporating keepsakes from mom and dad into newborn shoots. Family is so special and having little things in photos to keep forever an awesome thing to be able to pass down and tell stories about later. 

I’m so happy for you Robert & Sara! I can’t wait to watch Parker grow and see how she changes and developes her own little personality. Congrats! – Megan 



Devin: Newborn at Home

This newborn session complete with sock monkeys and a big brother full of smiles is so cuuuuute! Devin was born at the end of October at a healthy 9lbs 4oz! Mom and Dad were amazed at their chunky little newborn the moment they laid eyes on him. 

He wasn’t quite ready to do any sleeping when I arrived so I started with getting a few photos of his nursery and all his sock money room decor. When Devin was a bit more ready we moved on to getting a few photos of him swaddled up. Then we added big brother Callen in for some photos and they turned out so cute! I just love the huge smiles that Callen gave us! He wasn’t quite sure what do do with his new little brother laying on his arm but we managed to convince him that it was a great idea. We sang songs, clapped, bribed with fruit snacks and did all sorts of goofy faces to get his mind off of getting too worried about Devin being a little too close for comfort. We even managed to talk him into giving Devin a kiss. Adorable!

After photographing the boys together we got the whole family on the bed to get pictures of the four of them. What a beautiful new family of four! Towards the end of their family photos I brought in some books from Callen’s room and let him pick out what he wanted to read. He sat on daddy’s lap while momma held little brother and they read a little bit of Callen’s book. 

Once were were done with family photos baby Devin was a bit more tired and ready to conk out in a good milk coma so I could get some good sleepy photos of him. He was quite the little wiggle worm so it took some very slow moments and waiting but we got some super cute sleepy photos and even a smile or two. 

Congrats Elissa & Charles! Thank you so much for allowing me to photograph such a precious time in your lives! – Megan


Santa Clarita Newborn Photographer_0031

Blaire: Santa Clarita Newborn Photographer

Oh my goodness I am loving these adorable newborn photos of Blaire! It’s double the cuteness with her big sister!! Matching flower crowns and laying in a circle of flowers, I’m not sure it can get any more cute! Well maybe down the road when another new sister comes along. 🙂 Larry and Ashley, you two have some super adorable girls for sure! 

We’ve known this family for many years and they are some of our very best friends. I was of course excited when Ashley asked me about doing newborn/family photos after Blaire arrived. We started bouncing some ideas around for flowers and landed on doing fresh flower crowns and a flower circle for the girls to lay in for a few photos. I made the fresh flower crowns using floral wire, floral tape, hot glue (a woman’s version of duct tape, lol), wild rose buds and stock flowers. I’ve never purchased stock flowers before but not only did they work well for the crown, they also smelled AMAZING!  I’ll have to get them more often! For the flower circle I just used a few different flower bouquets from Trader Joe’s and cut them down to smaller stems.

Blaire was a little over two weeks old for her session which is a little older than when I typically photograph newborns. She was a late arrival and I ended up being out of town right after she was born so we had to wait until I was back. We had to play by her rules and have lots of patience but even though things took a little longer I am so happy with how the session came out. After playing with the flowers we ended the session by going outside in their front yard just as the sun was setting. We had some beautiful warm light seeping through the trees and big sister Leighton managed to hold out for just long enough to give us some super cute smiles.

Congrats Larry & Ashley! Loved photographing Blaire and your new little family of four! Adorable!

Girls Dress: Bow Dream



Baby Luke: Newborn Session

Photographing families over and over as their families grow is such a cool experience. Tonight I am sharing Luke Chappell’s newborn session. I think the last time I saw this family was when I photographed his big sister’s newborn session and she’ll be two years old soon! Time flies!

Luke is just about a week old in his newborn photos and such a handsome little guy. He wasn’t a big fan of being moved during his session so we had to make sure he got his mommy snuggles to keep him happy. His nursery is decorated in a sports theme with lots of details from his Dad’s sports collection. Being an outdoor lover myself I think my favorite part about his room is the mounted antlers above his crib. If I have a boy someday, I may need to steel this idea. You’ll also see a photo of a book called Willow Wallaby which is a children’s book that Katie (Luke’s mom) wrote! What a week memory to have photos of the book as part of his newborn session! Luke also has his very own signed Pacquiao boxing glove so of course we had to photograph him next to it. During his session we really wanted to get big sister Alivia giving him kisses because that is her favorite thing to do so you’ll see a few photos in there of her being a sweet big sister.

After photographing photos of just Luke we headed outside to get a few family photos of all four of them. We did a lot of counting to get Alivia to smile because her favorite thing right now is to count to 10, with 10 being the coolest number and most worthy of a huge smile when we said it.

Enjoy the cuteness and congrats Matt & Katie!



Baby Cameron: Santa Clarita Photographer

When it comes to babies I just can’t get enough of their cute little finger, toes and sleepy eyes. I love photographing them and it’s always extra special when I already know the family.  I get to capture such precious memories in peoples lives and for that I am just so very grateful! Tonight I get to share baby Cameron’s newborn session! I actually photographed Christine & Eric’s wedding last year so when I heard the news that they were expecting I was so excited for them! Cameron was born on Easter this year which made the day extra special. So happy for you Christine & Eric! Can’t wait to watch your handsome little man grow!