Alivia Love: Newborn Baby Girl

Newborn Baby Girl

 Meet Alivia Love Chappell! She was just about a week old for her newborn session and of course the cutest ever. She was so well behaved too and barely made a peep the entire time. She loved her little nest and snuggling with her blanket from Grandma. So happy for you Matt & Katie! She a beautiful little gift from above and you two will be an amazing Mom & Dad. 🙂

Newborn Baby Girl_0002

Alivia loved her comfy little nest and the blanket Grandma gave her.

Newborn Baby Girl_0001 Newborn Baby Girl_0003 Newborn Baby Girl_0004

The dress in the photo above was her Grandma’s dress when she was a girl.

Newborn Baby Girl_0010 Newborn Baby Girl_0005 Newborn Baby Girl_0009 Newborn Baby Girl_0008

Proud parents of a precious newborn baby girl.

Newborn Baby Girl_0011 Newborn Baby Girl_0013 Newborn Baby Girl_0012 Newborn Baby Girl_0014 Newborn Baby Girl_0015

Loved this cute little newborn hat! Adorable!

Newborn Baby Girl_0007 Newborn Baby Girl_0016 Newborn Baby Girl_0017 Newborn Baby Girl_0018

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  1. That's my niece!! I'm so in love with her and equally as proud of my little sister who is going to be a great mother… Obviously, I mean she's had Ma and my mom as role models 🙂

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