Leighton Olivia: Christmas Newborn

christmas newborn

I am so excited about sharing this session! Leighton Olivia was born on December 1st weighing 7lbs 9oz. Larry & Ashley are really good friends of ours and we couldn’t be more happy for them on the arrival of Leighton. Larry battled cancer a few years ago and this precious girl is an answer to many prayers.

I loved that during her newborn session Leighton kept giving us a little smiles. She’s such a precious little girl and I can’t wait to watch her grow!

christmas newborn_0029.jpg

christmas newborn_0031.jpg

christmas newborn_0032.jpg

christmas newborn_0034.jpg

christmas newborn_0035.jpg

christmas newborn_0036.jpg

christmas newborn_0037.jpg

christmas newborn_0038.jpg

christmas newborn_0039.jpg

christmas newborn_0040.jpg

christmas newborn_0041.jpg

christmas newborn_0042.jpg

christmas newborn_0043.jpg

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christmas newborn_0049.jpg

christmas newborn_0051.jpg

christmas newborn_0052.jpg

christmas newborn_0053.jpg

christmas newborn_0054.jpg

christmas newborn_0055.jpg

christmas newborn_0056.jpg

christmas newborn_0057.jpg

christmas newborn_0058.jpg

Leighton Olivia from Larry Chappell on Vimeo.

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