The Castillo Kids: Cousins and Friends

child valencia

These beautiful little girls were all together at Grandma’s house in Lancaster for the Holidays and Grandma wanted to have their pictures taken while she had the opportunity. We decided to do their session indoors as we weren’t sure if it would be raining or windy. It was of course windy as usual for Antelope Valley so we used one of their empty rooms for the majority of the session. We worked at getting them all to look at the camer at the same time but it was all worth it and I enjoyed photographing these sweet girls!

child valencia_0017.jpg

child valencia_0011.jpg
child valencia_0012.jpg
child valencia_0013.jpg
child valencia_0014.jpg
child valencia_0015.jpg
child valencia_0016.jpg
child valencia_0019.jpg
child valencia_0020.jpg

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