The Thayer’s: Valencia Family Photography

valencia family

This lovely family was so much fun to be around! Their kids are adorable and I am thinking they belong in a Gap advertisment or something. So cute! I met Danyelle through a ladies event at our church where I found out that she has a private hair studio. (She does amazing!)
We enjoyed walking around the lake at Bridgeport. While crossing over one of the bridges we even got to see a turtle! There were lots of ducks and the kids had fun laughing at the funny noises coming from the ducks. We may or may not have started saying “duck farts” instead of “cheese” to get some good laughs during their session. They started it. 🙂

valencia family_0001.jpg
valencia family_0002.jpg
valencia family_0003.jpg
valencia family_0004.jpg
valencia family_0005.jpg
valencia family_0006.jpg
valencia family_0011.jpg
valencia family_0007.jpg
valencia family_0010.jpg
valencia family_0009.jpg

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