It’s been 7 years!

Wow, time flies when you are having fun! Eric and I celebrated our 7th anniversary on August 27th this year! We went out to dinner at Wood Ranch (Their garlic rolls are to die for!) and then headed to Ikea to browse and buy some new office furniture. We’re taking our real anniversary get away in a couple weeks to a beach cottage in Seabrook, WA called the Remember When Cottage. Can’t wait for that! It’s seems crazy that it’s already been seven years! We’re an old married couple now, not newlyweds anymore. 🙂  These past seven years have been some of the best of my life and I am so happy with and thankful for the man God blessed me with. Love him!

We were married in Coquille, Oregon (which is my home town) at the little church where I grew up.

4 thoughts to “It’s been 7 years!”

  1. Congratulations! 7 years is definitely awesome! Oh, by the way you're not an "old married couple" until you've been as long as me and my hubby LOL 🙂

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