A few of my favorite wedding photos!

Just got off the phone with a friend after discussing wedding photography and all the details of starting a business. I was reminded of how awesome it is to capture a couple’s wedding day and how much I love it! While there is stress and pressure on the big day it so pays off when I get home and download the images! So here I am thinking about how much I love it as I am browsing through some wedding photos and thought I’d post some of my favs!

Such a pretty flower girl!




This is from a wedding last year. Their first anniversary is coming up soon. Happy early anniversary Jon & Kristi!



I love the bride being out of focus here with the water in focus.




Daddy getting ready to walk his oldest daughter down the isle to be married.


Dave & Britt were such a sweet couple to shoot. They were absolutely head over heals for one another! Brittany’s Dad went home to be with the Lord in 2006. Her Dad was an organ donor and she was able to receive part of his knee latter that year when she had to have knee surgery. In a very special way Brittany still got to have her daddy walk her down the isle!



I love the moment just before the kiss!




Sparklers are one of my favorite endings to a wedding. They are so pretty and the Bride and Groom look awesome running through them.


He was a shy little ring bearer but that just made him look more cute 🙂


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