Little Guy on the Way

Well I am so totally excited for Peter and Danielle as they will soon welcome there new little boy to this world. Peter and Danielle were married in 2006 and are now expecting their first child! This little guy sure is blessed with some wonderful parents and some very proud grandparents. Congrats Peter and Danielle!

2009-09-12 at 06-52-05

Here’s the little boy bump!

2009-09-12 at 06-47-07

If you look closely at the ultrasound picture you can see his little hand. He’s waving 🙂

2009-09-12 at 06-51-33

2009-09-12 at 06-55-46

2009-09-12 at 07-00-01

2009-09-12 at 07-02-20

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