Knaus Apple Ranch in Tehachapi, California

This week my friend Beth told me about her and her family going to the Knaus Apple Ranch to pick apples and then to The Apple Shed for lunch. She said they do it every year and it’s become one of their family traditions so the wheels started turning and I thought what a great idea!

Instead of asking my husband if he wanted to go I just emailed him and told him we were going. Below is our conversation about going.

Me: “We are going apple picking tomorrow in Tehachapi.”

Eric: “Huh? With who?”

Me: “Just us. Beth told me about a farm they went to and I want to go. Then they went to the Apply Shed for lunch and I want to do that too.”

Eric: “Okay, but I fully expect you to make a pie out of the apples.”

Me: “I knew that was coming.”

So while I didn’t exactly make Apple Pie, I did make apple cake and it took him a whole 2 seconds to inhale a piece of it. 2009-10-04 at 09-31-57

Our pretty apples lined up and ready for the chopping block. 🙂

2009-10-04 at 02-36-25

2009-10-04 at 02-40-28

Us skillfully taking our self portrait.

2009-10-03 at 03-40-53

Me enjoying the day 🙂

2009-10-03 at 03-19-11

Eric loves to pick apples. Can’t you tell?

2009-10-03 at 03-10-49

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