Smithfield, Virginia Wedding Photography: Lily & Jared

After leading her new love on a scavenger hunt to claim his prize he was surprised to find a beautiful woman waiting for him at the end, Lily. She loved him and wanted to let him know that she was ready for a serious relationship. It was such a cute idea and I know Jared was stoked about his prize! A few months later they were engaged!

The wedding day was absolutely beautiful! The flowers arrived from Simply Connie and the girls enjoyed the afternoon getting ready with the ladies from Beyond Beauty as the ceremony quickly approached. Today was the day that Lily and Jared would enter into their life together as husband and wife. Today was the day they would say their vows to one another and before their almighty God. Lily was smiling ear to ear as she started down the isle to meet her groom. It was evident on their faces that the moment they had both been waiting for was finally here.

The dinner reception was held at the beautiful Smithfield Center. Lily and Jared enjoyed mingling and having a good time throughout the evening and then off they went for their Honey Moon in Jamaica.

Lily and Jared we are so excited and happy for you guys!

I think this might be my fav from the wedding. They were naturals at this dipping business. I absolutely love their facial expressions here.

2009-09-06 at 18-32-31

Makin’ some adjustments. Love this in black and white.

2009-09-06 at 16-33-50

This one was taken by the ever so talented Eric Hayes. Love the light in this photo.

2009-09-06 at 18-08-22

The boys rough housing. What they do best. We did a few shots like this and the higher Jared went the funnier it was.

2009-09-06 at 18-16-54

2009-09-06 at 18-28-47

2009-09-06 at 18-23-35

2009-09-06 at 18-31-10

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