Bianca + Joel: Wedding in Victorville, California

Bianca and Joel are two very sweet people and it was a joy to be part of their wedding day in Victorville, CA. They met in college while they were attending Pensacola Christian College. One of my favorite things about their wedding day was that you could sense just how much they loved their family and friends. Although it was Bianca’s big day she didn’t hesitate to congratulate her good friends on their pregnancy during her wedding reception. Her friends had been trying for a long time to have a baby and they told Bianca at her wedding that they were expecting. Joel and Bianca are a lovely couple and I am so excited for them as they begin their journey together as a married couple. Below are some images from their wedding. Enjoy!

Bianca found out that one of her good friends was having a baby. Her friends have been trying for a while to this was big news. It was a sweet moment when Bianca announced the exciting news to her guests at the reception.

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One thought to “Bianca + Joel: Wedding in Victorville, California”

  1. Love these wedding pics! My absolute favorite is the one where she is resting her head on her back and he’s looking away! Wow!

    Also love the sunset kiss pics and very much like the b&w where the couple is walking away and he is holding her dress!

    I know they were very pleased with the job you did! Congrats to the couple too!

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