A Valentine’s Day Inspiration Shoot!

Last year I started a new tradition, a fun and creative Valentine’s Day inspiration shoot. It’s my one shoot a year where I get to be as creative as I want with the location and little details. I picked out all the decor and picked up the cupcakes from Nadia Cakes in Palmdale, CA. Below are several photographs from my Valentine’s Day inspiration shoot at the Ventura Beach Pier in Ventura, CA. I love the lace detail on the bride’s gown! (Thanks Luke and Sharon! You two were perfect for it!) This shoot was also featured in Sparkle & Hay wedding blog and you can see that post here.

4 thoughts to “A Valentine’s Day Inspiration Shoot!”

  1. My husband and I would love to be photographed for your Valentines Day shoot. I know it is late and you probably have clients already. We will celebrate our 10 yr anniversary in a couple of weeks. How cute would it be to take pics of us in our wedding attire ten yrs later. It could be like a before and after.

  2. I agree I love your processing, eselcialpy on the black and white ones. Your images are always processed in such a gorgeous way, so soft and well, vintage-like! So pretty. (Wish I could settle on a style in my pp!)

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