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WPPI and Losing 20 Pages of Notes

WPPI Las Vegas

I HATE loosing things! When I went to grab my notebook where I keept all my business notes for the last couple years (including my 20 pages of fresh WPPI notes), it was no where to be found. After searching high and low in the places I thought it had to be, it was no where to be found. Crap. I frantically tried to think of where in the world I would have put it and then remembered having it in the rental car we were driving on the way back from WPPI. We had already returned the car by this point so I called their office and asked if they had my notebook in the lost and found by any chance. After they checked the lost and found and no notepad turned up he kindly said he would call the lady who was currently renting the car an ask her to check for it. With my head down on the kitchen counter about to cry over my years worth of business notes I turned and saw the notebook leaning against our living room chair. Hallelujah!  Needless to say the lady currently using the rental car never found it. (Ha ha!) Lesson learned, I’ll be putting my notes in Evernote from now on.

Ok, now that I’ve shared my horror story I can tell you about the awesome opportunity I had to attend the Wedding and Portrait Photographers International Conference & Expo in Las Vegas, NV.  I met up with my friend Jen and we stayed at her parents house the whole week. They are such kind and welcoming people! Thank you sooooo much Bonsignori’s! Although the conference was 3 weeks ago I think my brain is still recuperating from all the amazing information and inspiration. This was my first time to attend and I came away from this experience with new ideas, techniques and fresh inspiration for the future of my photography business. I took about 20 pages of notes and I’m currently reviewing all my action items.  Here are 9 things I’d like to do better and a few pretty pictures from the trip (mostly from my iPhone).

9 things I’d like to do better:

  1. Believe that I can!  ”Your security lies in your ability to go out, kill it and drag it home.” -Dave Ramsey (via Zach & Jody Gray)
  2. Blog more types of wedding content. Not just weddings/photo sessions.  -Lawrence Chan
  3. Capture more emotion. Every story telling image should have 3 ingredients; Motion, Emotion and A little something special.  -David Getzschman
  4. Focus more on what I can do for others.  -Laura Grier
  5. Write down my goals. No, really go write down my goals.  -Lara Grier
  6. Be a creator of wealth and not a re-allocator of my resources.   -Mary Marantz
  7. Focus on leaving legacy, not making an impression. “What if we stopped worrying about leaving an impression and started worrying about leaving a legacy.”  -Mary Marantz
  8. Get up earlier and work my BUTT off.  -Blake Discher
  9. Send more handwritten Thank You notes.  -Blake Discher

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Safe Haven: I won a signed copy!

safe haven movie

I submitted the above photo as a contest on Instagram to try and win a signed by Nicholas Sparks copy of the Safe Haven novel and I WON!! Yipeee!! I recently read the book in just two days and I’m totally way too excited about getting my signed copy in the mail!! :-) I might just have to frame it as the focal point in our living room or something. I read my twitter notification while on a Starbucks night run with my hubby and wanted to tell the girl at the window what I just won but I held myself back. I can’t wait to see the movie! February 14th can’t come soon enough, it’s officially cooler than ever this year! :-)



safe haven movie

Eric & Megan: Our photo shoot w/Clary Photo

megan and eric

This photo shoot was probably one of my top favorite things from 2012. Being a photographer I much prefer to be on the picture taking side of the lens but I also really love that cute guy in the photos so I wanted to have a full photo session with just the two of us. It’s really been way too long since we’ve had someone else take our pictures but I managed to talk Eric into it as part of our 7th Wedding Anniversary. It definitely gave me a renewed appreciation for all the prep a couple does before their session.  After 7 years of marriage I know for sure that Eric’s least favorite thing to do is go into any kind of store, unless it’s an Apple store. I drug him all over LA anyways before we finally found the only H&M (which happened to be in Beverly Hills) that had the lace dress I wanted. Then we had to shop for Eric so we hit another mall and couple stores before finding what we wanted. My iSanctuary necklace was a favorite piece that I wore for the shoot. iSanctuary is an amazing non-profit organization that empowers survivors of human trafficking with social-enterprising opportunities. Check them out here:

I first stumbled upon a couple photos from Clary on Pinterest and started following her blog. She’s a photographer from the mid-west but was out here for a short trip. So glad she was able to fit in a photo session with us just before she left! We met up with her at Temesecal Park near Santa Monica and climbed up the mountain to take photos at the top while overlooking the ocean as the sun rose. God is amazing with the beautiful views he creates. It was gorgeous! I will cherish these photos forever. Thank you Clary, you captured us perfectly! To my love, thank you for 7 beautiful years of marriage, for praying with me in the mornings before leaving to work and giving me a reason to smile every day, even it does happen to sometimes be more of a laughing at you than a smile. :-) I am blessed and I love you.

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Happy Halloween! Treat Yo Self!

treat yo self

Happy Halloween! Treat Yo Self!

A True Love Story: Quad Amputee Survivor

I came across this video today and was humbled by the sacrifice and dedication to never give up. I am so thankful for those who serve our country but perhaps never thankful enough. What a huge reminder of the sacrifice many have made and motivation to be unstoppable no matter the circumstance.

This is the story of Quadruple Amputee, Taylor Morris. Taylor was injured on May 3rd, 2012 in Afghanistan to an IED blast becoming the 5th Quad Amputee to have ever survive to date. Taylor’s girlfriend Danielle has been at his side since he was flown back to the United States for recovery. By viewing this video, you can see that Taylor has been making extreme progress. To follow more of the story and stay connected with updates, head over to

Check out this post as well “A Love Story in 22 Pictures” that shows a glimpse of what true love looks like. Pictures are worth a thousand words.

To make a donation and keep up with Taylor and Danielle’s daily journal: Please visit


Our Vacation in Seabrook, Washington

After a very busy summer Eric and I took a much needed little vacation earlier this month to celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary. We always try to do something together and get away for a few days with each other for our anniversary every year and this year we flew up to Washington state. We stayed at the Remember When Cottage in Seabrook, WA and we’re wondering what we can do next year to top this trip. :-)

Seabrook is a peaceful little beach town right off the Washington coast near Pacific Beach. When we drove in we loved the style and feel to the entire community. They have a small general store and restaurant near the entrance and we frequently stopped in both places during our stay for coffee, snacks and a meal or two. The sidewalks are all white crushed shells and the houses all look beautiful with most of them having some sort of beach theme and classy decor. They also have a few shops and a place to rent beach cruiser bikes. Lovely!

We relaxed in the cottage, hiked along the wooded trails, read books, ate blackberry cobbler (YUMMY!), collected sand dollars (whole ones!) and took several long walks on the beach. The sunsets were amazing! One night we sat on the beach and watched the sun go down. Such an amazing view of God’s creation and a reminder of just how great He is. Easily one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.

I hope you enjoy the photos and if you are ever looking for a vacation spot the Remember When Cottage in Seabrook is a beautiful place!

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Pursuit 31 – sweet time with new friends

I had such a fun time at the my first Pursuit 31 meetup this month. For this meetup we did some book crafting using old books. A group of us walked over to The Last Book Store to buy some old books for our craft and it was so neat walking around that place. I could have spent hours in there just browsing through old books!

Back at Lukas & Suzy’s studio we made paper flowers, light switch plates and journals from our old books. We of course did a lot of chatting about business and personal stuff. That’s what we girls do best right? I so enjoyed being with ladies who love photography and desire to bring glory to God through their business and home. Having something so important to you in common with others gives an instant connection and friendship. I’m excited for these new friendships and future Pursuit 31 meetups.

If you are a photographer and would like to know more about these meetups check out the Pursuit 31 website to find a meetup near you. To find out more about the LA Meetup group head over to Lukas and Suzy’s blog.

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